With our state-of-the-art-recording studio we are perfectly equipped to handle a wide range of recording services..

We offer the following recording services:


SHOCKWAVE STUDIO®’S Control Room features a 40 fader ICON D-Command ES Console. With the dedicated center section panels for editing EQ And Dynamics plug-in settings, we never have to leave the monitoring “sweet Spot” to fine-tune your mix. The control room is set up for Stereo Monitoring with two Genelec 8260A Tri-Amplified DSP Monitoring Systems and a Genelec 7060B Active Subwoofer. The control room is also set up for 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound mixing with 7 Genelec 8030A Bi-Amplified Monitoring Systems, and a Genelec 7060B Active Subwoofer. Surround Sound mixing is controlled through our Surround Panner ES. With the Surround Panner ES we can tangibly control surround panning, volume, mute, LFE, and more, with precision through the touch-sensitive joystick, Five rotary knobs, and nine switches.

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