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We offer the following Post-Production Sound services:



The Control Room at SHOCKWAVE STUDIO® is prepared to take on the most demanding projects. From Stereo to 7.1 Surround Sound, this room was designed to meet all Mix-To-Picture needs. Our AVID Video Satellite allows our Pro Tools Ultimate|HDX editor to quickly and easily play HD or SD Video sequences from AVID Media Composer with Symphony option 7.0.2 AVID Nitris DX in sync with a Pro Tools Ultimate|HDX session. Video Satellite enhances Post-Production efficiency, eliminating the need to render effects, transcode Video, or copy files. It also enables us to tap into shared media environments to stream Video. And because all Video playback is offloaded onto a seprate but synced work station, We can maintain the full Audio track count and processing power of Pro Tools Ultimate|HDX. Surround Sound mixing is controlled through our Surround Panner ES. With the Surround Panner ES we can tangibly control surround panning, Volume, Mute, LFE, and more with precision through touch-sensitive joystick, five rotary knobs, and nine switches. Audio and Video is distributed simultaneously from the Edit Suite to the Control Room and the Theater in real-time.

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