The Edit Suite at SHOCKWAVE STUDIO® is fully equipped with an arsenal of gear to get your project completed on Time and on budget. Gain the speed, ease, and access what you need at SHOCKWAVE STUDIO®'s Editing Suite. You will blaze through your projects in ways you never thought possible in SD, HD, and HD 3D.


Whether we edit high-profile films, TV shows, or commercials. We use a system that gives us the speed, flexibility, and confidence to take on anything.  By pairing AVID Media Composer with Symphony option 7.0.2 with Nitris DX, we can capture, edit, monitor, and output digital and analog material faster and easier than anything else available. What's more, we can edit Avid DNxHD and/or Panasonic AVC-Intra HD projects in real-time speed by specifying a single encoding chip for either format, two of the same chip to support full-frame stereoscopic 3D workflows, or one of each to get the best of both worlds. Using Avid Intelligent Architecture, which squeezes the most performance out of our system, the editing software tightly integrates high- performance Nitris DX video hardware with our host computer's CPU and GPU, giving us a single high-bandwidth effects engine that delivers without compromise—no matter what formats and codecs we use.


 One of the other many amazing features of SHOCKWAVE STUDIO® is AVID Video Satellite which allows a Pro Tools Ulyimate|HDX editor to quickly and easily play Avid SD, HD, and HD 3D Video sequences from AVID Media Composer with Symphony option 7.0.2 Nitris DX in sync with a Pro Tools Ultimate|HDX session. Video Satellite enhances post-production efficiency, eliminating the need  to render effects, Transcode Video, or copy files. It also enables us to tap into shared media environments to stream video. And because all video playback is offloaded onto a separate but synced work station, You can maintain the full audio Track count and processing power of Pro Tools Ultimate|HDX.


Whether Editing or doing Sound for Picture you are able to view and listen to your project simultaneously in the Video Edit Suite, Control Room, and Theater.


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